Assignment 2: Reflection Blog

journal entry Journal entry: Update your e-portfolio

After completing the activities in Question 2, you are required to: 

  • Update your e-portfolio
  • Share a link of  your reflection blog/e-portfolio to Question One. 

Tips on updating your e-portfolio: 

  1. While you are involved in your learning experience, capture your learning using a variety of media that capture different moments in or components of your learning. Save your image and video/audio files appropriately for embedding in your post.
  2. Write a new blog post: 
  3. In your blog post, you can : a) embed your mixed media appropriately b) include a narrative that expresses the reflection of your learning experience, including your planned next learning step, if appropriate.
  4. Add a title, save, publish and share your post.

After writing your blog post, please include the URL link to your post with embedded media in the Add a new discussion topic section below to share with us and your Community of Practice. Check back regularly to see what others have posted!

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