1. What Do We Mean by Quality When Teaching in a Digital Age?

What do we mean by quality?

If you have followed the journey through all the previous lessons of this book, you will have been subject to a great deal of information: philosophical, empirical, technological, and administrative, set within a framework of issues related to the needs of learners in a digital age. It is now time to pull all this together into a pragmatic set of action steps that will enable you to apply these ideas and concepts within the everyday circumstances of teaching.

Thus, the aim of this lesson is to provide some practical guidelines for teachers and instructors to ensure quality teaching in a digital age. This will mean drawing on all the previous lessons in this book, so there will inevitably be some repetition in this lesson of the content of earlier chapters. Their aim here is to pull it all together towards developing quality digitally based courses and programs fit for a digital age.

Before I do this, however, it is necessary to clarify what is meant by ‘quality’ in teaching and learning, because I am using ‘quality’ here in a very specific way.