Week 2: Creating an inclusive ethos and culture

4. Optional reading

In the UK, the ‘individual plan’ has evolved into a ‘pupil passport’. This document is negotiated between the student and a teacher, or support worker. The targets are linked to the curriculum to help teachers in their planning. You can read about this system here

Your plan for David may have targets that relate to his ability to follow what is going on in lessons, his speech, his spelling and his relationships with other pupils. These should be accompanied with some strategies and activities that the teacher and support team can use to help David. A simple adaptation could be to ensure that David sits in front of the teacher, with his friend next to him. This way he should hear most of the lesson and his friend can also help to explain the learning or task. The teacher could also use more pictures and gestures to explain ideas in lessons. The preparation of individual plans, that involve students is one way in which an inclusive school ethos becomes visible.