Week 2: Creating an inclusive ethos and culture

2. Key factors for establishing a strong inclusive ethos

The foundation of an inclusive school is that all pupils of different abilities, and children with disabilities are welcome to attend and that staff are able to make adaptations in the classroom to ensure that they can access learning, as outlined in the first course in this series, ‘Inclusive Teaching and Learning’. However, this foundation needs to be supported and developed through school leadership and organisation, including school policies.

In Activity 2.1 you will find out about some key factors that contribute to an inclusive ethos and culture in schools

Activity 2.1 Creating an inclusive ethos

Allow approximately 30 minutes for this activity

Watch this video about schools with an inclusive ethos in South Africa.

Developing Inclusive Education in South Africa – Ethos and Culture from 3:45 to 7.07

  1. Note down the 4 key factors that the narrator says are important to create an inclusive ethos in school.
  2. How does a school that you are familiar with exhibit these four factors? Note down your ideas.
  3. Note the different needs of some disabled pupils who have been included in the class and the adaptations that the teacher has made to include them.
  4. What qualities does a teacher need to have in order to be able to help these children feel included?
  5. Identify what you think different staff listed below have to do to create an inclusive ethos.
  • Principals
  • School based support staff
  • Teachers