Week 2: Creating an inclusive ethos and culture

5. Resources and systems to support children with disabilities

There are many ideas that schools can embed in their policies and ways of working which will help children with disabilities. Next, you are going to read a case-study about Luis, a pupil with Down’s Syndrome. You will be asked to think about the case study and how school policy could be used to improve Luis’ experience at school.

Case study 2.1 Luis

Luis is 7 years old. He has Down’s Syndrome and has been at the school for a year. Luis is managing well in lessons with some extra support. For example, a teaching assistant or volunteer spends 15 minutes every day playing some games that help with his fine motor skills and handwriting. The teacher makes sure that she adapts the work she gives to him and spends some extra time explaining tasks and checking he has understood. Luis is normally a cheerful, friendly child but his mother has recently come to school to explain that he has been sad about coming to school. She says he sometimes forgets what the teacher wants him to do in lessons and then worries he will be in trouble. He also feels a bit left out during play times. He especially likes singing, dancing and pretend play but all the boys play football at break time and he doesn’t know what to do. His mother also adds that he is not included in any social activities outside of school with children in his class.

Activity 2.5 School policies to support inclusive education

Allow approximately 30 minutes for both parts of this activity:

Note your response to the following questions about the Case Study on Luis’ school experience.

  • What other strategies could the teacher use to ensure Luis is able to remember his tasks in the lesson? How could peer support be used?
  • How could Luis be helped to make friends and feel included at play time?
  • How could the school support Luis’ social interaction and interests outside of the school curriculum?

List any ideas you have about systems that could be in the school inclusion policy to ensure that:

  • all children with disabilities have someone to play with at break time
  • all children with disabilities have extra help from peers in lessons
  • all children with disabilities have social activities after school

On the Week 2 Forum post your ‘favourite’ idea from the list above and read and comment on others’ suggestions