Week 2: Creating an inclusive ethos and culture

7. Positive Behaviour Management

All children are more likely to feel included if they feel safe and if behaviour inside and outside of lessons is good. Policies for positive behaviour management are one of the ways in which a school sets an inclusive ethos. Such policies can influence how teachers and children interact and emphasise the importance of mutual respect.  To create an inclusive ethos and culture behaviour management must avoid physical punishment, negative language or the humiliation of children.

In this section you will be asked to reflect on some example case studies and consider how policy can support inclusive practice in school.

Case study

Eshe is 9 years old. She is intelligent and able to understand the tasks that are set for her. She has friends who she plays happily with at play time. However, in almost every lesson she is disruptive and misbehaves. Usually she will begin the lesson by listening to the teacher but then starts to swing her legs and fidget in her chair. She will try to distract other pupils by dropping her pencil on the floor near to them or poking their chair with her foot. Sometimes she will make a loud noise like a cough or a shout. When the teacher admonishes her, she stops for a little while but then the whole sequence begins again. When Eshe’s behaviour continues, the teacher gets very angry and shouts at her. Sometimes she is sent out of the lesson to stand outside the classroom.

Activity 2.6 What can we do about disruptive behaviour?

Allow approximately 15 minutes for this activity:

In your notebook write some bullet points to answer the questions about the Case Study on Eshe’s behaviour.

  • What suggestions to you have to explain why Eshe is disrupting the lesson?
  • Write a list of any other ways that the teacher could stop Eshe from misbehaving.
  • How could rewards be used to improve Eshe’s behaviour?
  • How might a school policy for behaviour management help the teacher to know what to do?
  • What other support would the teacher benefit from?