Week 2: Creating an inclusive ethos and culture

3. Gathering and sharing information about learners

A key element in creating an inclusive ethos and culture is ensuring that the choices the teachers make in the classroom are informed by their knowledge of pupils’ capabilities, strengths, interests and where they need additional support. The next activity will ask you to reflect on the ways in which the teacher uses his/her knowledge of the pupils to adapt his/her lesson and to consider the strategies he/she uses to gather information on their progress.

Activity 2.3 Using information about pupils

Allow approximately 25 minutes for this activity:

Watch this video about how the teacher in India uses his knowledge of pupil progress to adapt his lesson.

In your notebook respond to the questions about the teachers’ choices.

  1. How does the teacher use resources to help all pupils to access the learning?
  2. How does his knowledge of pupils prior learning inform what he does in this lesson?
  3. How and when does he gather ‘data’ about the pupils’ progress?
  4. What else could he record rather than ticking to show they have understood?
  5. What do you do in your role to gather data about pupils and use it to inform teaching?