Week 2: Creating an inclusive ethos and culture

1. Introduction to Week 2

1.1. Activities for the week

Activity number





Creating an inclusive ethos

Watch a short video clip and reflect on how a South African school creates an inclusive ethos. Note down how the roles of different staff contribute to creating and inclusive ethos in any school.

30 minutes


School policies to support inclusive education

Reflect on the case study about Luis and note what could be done to support him. Share a forum post on how school organisation, policies or systems could support social relationships and peer support for children with disabilities.

30 minutes


What can we do about disruptive behaviour?

In your notebook write some bullet points to answer the questions about the Case Study on Eshe’s behaviour

15 minutes


Positive behaviour management strategies

Read a resource about positive behaviour management and make a forum post

15 minutes


Reviewing the behaviour checklist

Use the behaviour checklist to audit your practice

30 minutes


Using information about pupils

Watch the video about how the teacher in India uses his knowledge of pupil progress to adapt his lesson.
In your notebook respond to the questions about the teachers’ choices.

20 minutes


Planning for individual needs

Develop an individual plan for David

20 minutes


Teacher as a role model

Read Chapter 2 of the TESSA IE Toolkit. Make a plan specific to your role and make a forum post.

30 minutes


End of week quiz