Week 2: Creating an inclusive ethos and culture

11. Teachers as role models in inclusive schools

Teachers are in a powerful position in schools – and very often how they behave has more influence than what they say. Teachers have an important role in modelling positive attitudes.

Activity 2.9 Teacher as role model

Allow approximately 30 mins for this activity.

The TESSA Inclusive Education (IE) toolkit highlights 8 principles to support Inclusive Education. In this activity you will have chance to review the Toolkit and focus on Principle 2: the inclusive teacher’s attitudes and behaviour.

If you are a classroom teacher, click through Chapter 2 of the IE Toolkit, and make a note of any useful tips or resources that you would find helpful. Download the resource ‘Teacher behaviours for fostering a climate conducive to learning’.

For each ‘behaviour’ reflect on your own practice. Identify three behaviours that you do well and three that you would like to develop.

If you are a head teacher, teacher educator, District Official, or involved in a school in some other capacity, click through Chapter 2 of the IE Toolkit and plan one activity that you would do with a group of teachers in order to support their development as an IE practitioner. You can choose one of the activities described, or adapt one for use in your context, relevant to the needs of the teachers that you support.

Finally, whatever your role, make a short post on the Week 2 forum telling us what you have taken from Chapter 2 of the TESSA IE Toolkit.