• Lesson 8 - Assessment Strategies

    • Compulsory Reading

    • Activity (Reflective Thinking, Note Taking and Discussion)

      What skills are you developing in your students?

      1. Do you agree that computer-based multiple-choice tests are a must in online teaching?
      2. Are there other methods that are equally as economical, particularly in terms of instructor time, that are more suitable for assessment in a digital age? For instance, do you think automated essay grading is a viable alternative?
      3. Would it be helpful to think about assessment right at the start of course planning, rather than at the end? Is this feasible?

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    • Knowledge Check

    • Key Takeaways

      Key takeaways from this lesson are:

      • Online learning is a continuum of teaching. Every instructor and every institution now needs to decide where a particular course or program should be placed on this continuum of teaching.
      • As more academic content is openly and freely available, students will look to their local institutions for support in their learning, rather than for the delivery of content. This puts a greater focus on teaching skills and less on subject expertise.
      • Faculty and instructors need a strong framework for assessing the value of different technologies, new or existing, and for deciding how or when these technologies make sense for them (and/or their students) to use