• Lesson 4 - Understanding the Learners

    • Compulsory Reading

    • Activity (Reflective Thinking, Note Taking and Discussion)

      Dealing with diversity

      1. What changes if any have you noticed in the students you are teaching?
      2. Whose responsibility is it to ensure students succeed? To what extent does the diversity of students place more responsibility on teachers and instructors?

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    • Knowledge Check

    • Key Takeaways

      Key takeaways from this lesson are:

      • We have to encourage students to use their technological devices to find, analyze, evaluate, and apply their knowledge.
      • If learning outcomes are focused on skill development, then the activities should be designed in such a way that they provide opportunities for students to develop or practice such skills.
      • Providing students with a structure for learning and setting appropriate learning activities are probably the most important of all the steps towards quality teaching and learning. But it is least discussed in the literature on quality assurance.
      • It is essential right at the start of a course for the instructor to make it clear to students what is expected of them when they are studying online whether in a blended or fully online course.