• Lesson 1 - Skills Needed in a Digital Age

    • Compulsory Reading

    • Activity (Reflective Thinking, Note Taking and Discussion)

      What skills are you developing in your students?

      1. Write down a list of skills you would expect students to develop as a result of studying your courses.
      2.  Compare these skills to the ones discussed in this lesson. How well do they match?
      3.  What do you do as an instructor that enables students to practice or develop the skills you have identified?

      Share your reflection in lesson one Forum.

    • Knowledge Check

    • Key Takeaways

      Key takeaways from this lesson are:

      • Knowledge involves two strongly inter-linked but different components, such as content and skills.
      • The use of digital technology needs to be integrated with and evaluated through the knowledge base of the subject area.
      • Most instructors, at least in universities, are well trained in content and have a deep understanding of the subject areas in which they are teaching. Expertise in skill development though is important.
      • The content and skills are tightly related, and much attention needs to be given to skill development as well as a content acquisition to ensure that learners graduate with the necessary knowledge and skills for the digital age.