• Session 10

    • Session 10: Using ICT to develop your subject knowledge and PCK

      As a subject teacher in a secondary school, you probably rely heavily on the textbook that is linked to your examination syllabus when planning your lessons. However, there are many open educational resources (OER) available for free on the internet, which will help you develop your pedagogical content knowledge (i.e. learn how to make your subject accessible, engaging and interesting for all students). The focus during Session 10 is on navigating some of this material. 

      OER have a special copyright license which means they can be downloaded for free, adapted, copied and reused, provided the original source of the material is acknowledged (you will have seen that the SBTD Toolkit and Key Resources that you have been using have acknowledged the TESSA and TESS-India resources, for example).

      The challenge for teachers is to develop the skills to critically assess and select appropriate materials.

    • Document your reflection


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