• Introduction

    • Introduction

      Being a good teacher means being a good learner, especially when new initiatives, such as the competency-based curriculum (CBC) in Kenya, call for new teaching approaches. Traditional forms of continuing professional development (CPD), when teachers go away from school to attend courses, have been shown to have limited impact. Much more effective is school-based CPD, in which teachers work together in school to understand new ideas, try them out in their classrooms and reflect together on what they are learning. SBTD is based on the view that to implement new ideas teachers need to: 

      • Work together (collaborate). 
      • Try new approaches in their classroom (practise). 
      • Think about and discuss how it went (reflect) (Korthagen, 2017). 

       They need to do this over time. In this way, new approaches gradually become embedded. This SBTD programme will help your school to establish a culture of continuous professional learning.

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