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    The Advanced Mobile Learning with Multimedia MOOC builds upon the introductory Mobile Learning with Multimedia MOOC. It targets primary and secondary school teachers as well as other practitioners in education and is designed to provide advanced knowledge in authoring multimedia based OER learning materials. 

    Participants will gain practical skills in creating infographics, synchronous and asynchronous video-based learning resources, creating accessible multimedia, as well as identify the opportunities presented by Augmented and Virtual Reality. 

    The key focus is for the teachers to gain familiarity with and choose from a wide range of tools and resources to apply in their different contexts, for effective teaching and learning. 

    Week 1: Multimedia Production Process

    During this first week, participants will be able to: 

    1. Identify the different types of educational multimedia. 
    2. Identify pedagogically effective educational media relevant for different learning domains.
    3. Understand and apply the multimedia learning principles
    4. Plan for production of a multimedia learning resource that is based on an OER podcast episode.

    Week 2: Developing Audio Visual based learning materials 

    By the end of this week, participants will be able to: 

    1. Identify tools for creating educational infographics
    2. Create an educational infographic.
    3. Understand what makes a good educational video.
    4. Identify different examples of tools used to schedule synchronous live-stream video lessons. 
    5. Plan for production of an educational video lesson.

    Week 3: Accessible Multimedia Resources

    By the end of this week, participants will be able to

    1. Define Universal Design for Learning principles.
    2. Explain the different features of accessible multimedia. 
    3. Identify different options for creating accessible multimedia learning materials.
    4. Evaluate the accessibility requirements of a multimedia resource.
    5. Identify different tools used to create accessible multimedia. 

    Week 4: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

    By the end of this week, participants will be able to: 

    1. Understand how AR/VR technology can be used in education.
    2. Identify different types of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences.
    3. Identify tools and platforms used in the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality landscape.
    4. Create a simple AR or VR resource.

    Course Outcomes 

    By the end of this course, participants will be able to: 

    1. Develop and integrate a multimedia OER into a lesson plan.
    2. Demonstrate skills in creating effective educational infographics and video-based learning materials for mobile learning.
    3. Consider different ways of creating accessible multimedia materials for mobile learning.
    4. Describe the wide range of AR and VR learning experiences possible with existing software and hardware.

    Target Audience

    The course is designed for teachers and teacher educators who have either completed the introductory course,Mobile Learning with Multimedia  or have other relevant background.

    1. Primary and secondary school teachers
    2. Teacher educators
    3. Other education practitioners

  • Instructors and Operational Team

    Lead Facilitator

    • Melisa Achoko Allela, Technical University of Kenya

    Course Mentors

    • Savitri Emmanuel
    • Emman Kianga, Technical University of Kenya

    COL Resource Person

    • Anna Lee
    • May Li

    Digital Learning Specialist

    • Professor John M. Traxler

    COL Lead

    • Dr Betty Ogange